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HR Management

Multiple functions are integrated into one.
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Managing employees’ performance can identify areas for improvement, develop their capabilities and help achieve organizational objectives.

Leave Management

Last your employees’ contribution by keeping track of employees’ holidays, sick leave and other leave requests

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Leave Management is an essential part of the responsibilities of human resources department.  It contains the processes and policies of managing employees’ leave requests.  Track leave taken by each employee to have an overview on team’s manpower in advance, managers can keep the team well-organized and have better job allocation.

Attendance Management

Enlarge your employees’ productivity by keeping track of employees’ presence at work with their log-in & log-out history

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Attendance Management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting, to reduce productivity losses, improve efficiency and lower the costs of wasted time.  Attendance control has traditionally been approached using time clocks, but nowadays time tracking software is commonly used.

Work Progress Management

Facilitate your employees’ effectiveness by keeping track of employees’ time spent on projects via timesheets

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Track employees’ work progress and sort by project, client or task.  Create daily, weekly or monthly timesheets and let the employees to mark down the work record including check-in & check-out time and work description.  Data collected can be presented in detailed reports, highlighting how much time people dedicated to productive work.

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