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Strategic Functions of Human Resources Management

Human resources management involves the application of policies and practices in the area of resourcing, performance management, reward management, training and development, and employee relations.  All these human resources functions are interacted and thus increase their impact.  Bundles of HR functions would facilitate employee motivation, engagement and enhance their performance.  Eventually, it brings out the impact on organizational performance in aspects of quality and productivity, growth and profits.



Resourcing is about planning, recruitment and selection.  The main aim of it is to ensure the right number and type of human resources are utilized to enable the organization to achieve its business goals.


Reward Management

Reward Management is a company policy and strategy in recognition and compensation to the employees who made benefit to the organization.  Reward includes all aspects of work that are valued by employees.  Apart from better pay and benefits package, opportunities in promotion, learning and development, attractive working hour and environment are also a reward.


Performance Management

Performance Management is a process related to effective employee management with key objective setting, monitoring, developing and rewarding the staff.  As a result, high level of employee performance contributes to achieving company goals.


Training and Development

Training and Development is a support to employees for their career and behavior growth and development.  It works through developing the staff abilities, knowledge, skills and potential to increase their job effectiveness.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations is a positive approach to communicate with employees.  It concerns the arrangement for the distillation and expression of the collective voice of employees. Finally, employees’ involvement and participation in company issues are enriched.

Each of these human resource functions would affect the employees’ job satisfaction, motivation and involvement.  These kinds of employees’ behaviors should be the important factors in determining the organizational performance.  Human resource functions are related with each other and as a result to meet company strategic objectives.

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